„Intercultural Opening and Quality development“

The "Waik®-Series“ is a series of books from the Waik®-Institute to support the intercultural quality development concerning the migration context. They appeared in the „Pro Dialog Köln Verlag“ and all of them are published in German language.

The series is meant to backup the results of the educational, consulting and research work after the Waik®-concept.
The volumes will be handouts edited area-specific, to simplify intercutural competent Organisation, staff- and offer-development in the migration context.
They are meant as guidelines for professionals and executives for the design and governance of intercultural quality development or quality assurance in the following areas:

  • elementar-, social- und educational professions
  • general sociale services in social economy
  • public communal services
  • research and sience
  • training and advanced education

Also they are meant to encourage the discourse about long lasting and up-to date questions, problems and results of intercultural opening and equalization in migration context.

The german titles are:

  1. Interkulturelle Qualitätsentwicklung in der Schule (WaiK®-Series-V.1)
  2. Interkulturelle Qualitätsentwicklung im Elementarbereich (WaiK®-Series-V.2)
  3. Interkulturelle Öffnung und Qualitätsentwicklung in der Kommunalverwaltung (WaiK®-Series-V.3)
  4. Interkulturelle Qualitäts- und Kompetenzentwicklung in der beruflichen Integrationsarbeit (Waik®-Series-V.4)
  5. Interkulturelle Kompetenz (WaiK®-Series-V.5)
  6. Interkulturelle Qualitäts- und Kompetenzentwicklung in den sozialen Diensten (WaiK®-Series-V.6)
  7. Interkulturelle Öffnung und Qualitätsentwicklung (WaiK®-Series-V.7)

More WaiK® -Publications are:
„Wege aus der interkulturellen Konfrontation“ (Buch)
Grundlagen zur Entwicklung interkultureller Handlungskompetenzen

WaiK® Trainingshandbuch (als Book with CD)

Grundlagen kommunaler Integrationsarbeit im Kontext von Vielfalt und Migration
WaiK®-Monitoring-Ansatz zur Sicherung der Chancengleichheit entlang des Bildungsablaufs und als Querschnittsaufgabe

You can order the books either in Bookshops or at Pro Dialog Köln.

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